Mannius J. Aberforth Catt Felinus, Jr. (Mancat) Edit

Mancat is one of the two main characters in the Dom + Mancat Show

Early Life Edit

Mancat was born in 1987 and raised in the forests of Northern California. Given to his parents by the trees, he grew up without much outside contact in a group of hippies who lived in the forest. He used to play and cut vegetables in the industrial kitchen where he grew up. 

He moved to Santa Cruz, California, when he was 8, and hitch-hiked around America in his young adulthood. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 2007 and then later moved back to Santa Cruz, and then later moved back to Portland and has since stayed.

Life at CATEdit

Mancat knew a lot of the things the CAT had to offer, and advanced fast. He's crazy smart and also probably just crazy.

Dom + Mancat ShowEdit

Sometime after Dom and Mancat became friends they decided to document the bullshit they do in episodic form. Many of their friends and aquaintances are featured in the episodes.


Mancat is a grumpy old man. Or rather, he aspires to be a grumpy old man, and is doing an alright job of it so far.



Dom and Mancat met when joining CAT. Their bullshit pipes operate on the same frequency, so they ended getting along famously. Mancat is the straight man to Dom's fool. They like to discuss M:tG stragegies together and joke around.


Mancat and Relsqui became friends along with Dom, the three of them have taken many adventures together (sometimes while very drunk).


  • Mancat can make a mean goat sound
  • He really likes burritos. He really, really likes burritos.
  • All of Mancat's favorite foods are grown in the Willamette Valley.
  • Despite what Dom says, random tree leaves are not Mancat's favorite food.

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