Domicilius K. Merriwether James Catt, Esq. (Dom) Edit

Dom is one of two main characters in the Dom + Mancat Show.

Early Life Edit

Dom was born on a cold day in November, 1993 in Kodiak, Alaska. As he was born, a witch cast a spell of strength over him, blessing him with near super-human strength and cursing him with anger. Other than beating sense into those who do wrong, Dom lived a normal enough childhood. Sometime as a young child his family moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where he spent most of his time. His mother is an important anthropologist for the federales and traveled a lot, he ended up spending a lot of time traveling and seeing much of North America and parts of Europe.

Dom joined Boy Scouts in 2003. He was apart of Troop 8 for eight years, eventually earning Eagle Scout status when he killed the last Eagle Boss. During this time he spent a couple summers as a camp councilor, and found he enjoys herding small, loud humans in order to get them to do his bidding.

He moved to Portland when he turned 18, where he still resides today.

Life at CAT Edit

At 19, Dom joined the Computer Action Team along with Mancat and Relsqui. The trio became fast friends and eventually took advanced positions in CAT. Since Dom joining, CAT members have had more joy and terror, in equal parts, in their lives. Without him, the CAT would not have nearly as much Magic: the Gathering talk, and on days he doesn't have work there is 200% less talk of Magic strategy.

Dom + Mancat Show Edit

The Dom + Mancat show actually came about after many hijinks had between the two. The show became a way to document all of the crazy things that happen between them and the people around them.

Personality Edit

Dom is social and easy to talk to, and enjoys creating (only mild) chaos. Of the duo, Dom takes on the fool role.

Relationships Edit


Dom and Mancat met in their first year of CAT. They got along pretty immediately and started hijinks whenever possible. Dom is the fool to Mancat's straight man.

It's later revealed that in an alternate dimension that transected with our own, Dom and Mancat were experiments and have known each other their entire lives. The reason Dom is younger than Mancat is because the transport to Alaska took much longer than expected, and involved many bears. (Dom + Mancat and the Cruller Caper)

Family Members Edit

Dom's family consist of his mom and his younger, adopted sister. His mom enjoys traveling, and had to do it for a job, so Dom saw many places.


Relsqui was one of the people who joined CAT at the same time with Mancat and Dom. They became friends with the duo, and they all have had many a hijink together.

Trivia Edit

  • Dom can consume at least 6 energy drinks in a day - they fuel his anger and his charisma.
  • Dom has potentially thousands of magic cards memorized
  • Dom can smell feelings. This skill has been demonstrated many times in this show. Anytime a friend of his has a crush on someone he can sense it.
  • Dom once beat the hell out of a computer for looking at him funny
  • He helps with the Magic: The Gathering club
  • He can type at 7000 wpm
  • All the matrix in Dom's blood is actually Rockstar energy drink (red punch flavor)

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